Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Campaign Move 34

1200 30th August 1813

The long awaited 3rd allied corps advance started at 0800.

General Cole ordered 4th (light) division to attack Aranda at first light. 

General Picton would support the attack with his 3rd division.

Alton took the town without any opposition, and indeed his cavalry commander reported that there was no sign of the enemy either in the town or on the road to Burgos.

His cavalry made contact with the local Spanish guerrilla group, who confirmed that the French had abandoned the town and marched north towards Burgos at first light.  They were marching in good order and the guerrilla were unable to approach near enough to gain any further information.

Cole has achieved his campaign objective, and Wellington has taken two of his three objectives.   Only Burgos, the most important, still remains in French hands.

However Wellington is concerned that the French appear to be concentrating at Burgos, particularly as Graham has been defeated at the recent battle there, and has had to withdraw towards Castrillo to rest and recover.

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