Thursday, March 7, 2013

Campaign Move 35

1600 30th August 1813

General Graham has spent a second day at Castrillo.

He had suffered heavy casualties fighting at Burgos, and had been forced to retreat in some disorder.

29th August had been spent rallying, resting and resupplying his broken brigades.  

Last night Wellington had arrived and approved his plan to spend all day resting and reorganising his divisions.  

To do so he had to rest all of his brigades, including his cavalry.   Consequently he had lost contact with the French at Burgos.   He had hoped for reports from the Spanish guerrilla in the hills to his north.   Their failure to do so did not have any great significance.  They were independent of his command and only provided information when it suited them, and always for reward in gold or supplies.

Wellington had advised him that Cole was expected to attack Aranda at first light.   The expected sound of battle did not materialise and he was as anxious as Wellington to hear what was happening.

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