Thursday, February 28, 2013

Campaign Move 33

2000 29th August 1813

General Conroux has command 8th French corps at Aranda

He had suffered a dramatic defeat at Castrillo on 23rd August and had been forced to retreat to Aranda.   Fortunately the British had been slow to pursue, and this had allowed him to recover and replace his battle casualties.

He was well aware of the fighting to his north, and was particularly concerned when the fighting started at Burgos.   The loss of that city would leave him isolated from the main French army to the north, and open to attack from the north and west.

His orders were to hold Aranda which he did with his 7th division.   He sent his 15th division north to establish contact with 7th corps at Burgos.   They would be available to support Villante if required.  They would also provide a pivot should he be forced to abandon Aranda and retreat north.

During the late afternoon he received a report from Chasse that 7th corps had achieved a notable victory at Burgos.   His flank, and his communications with the main army, were both secure.

As night fell he received a despatch from Soult.   He was ordered to abandon Aranda and march north to join forces with 7th corps at Burgos.  

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