Friday, November 16, 2012

Campaign Move 6

2000  20th August 1813

The French garrison at Burgos has two responsibilities

First, and foremost, is to hold the town against attack.

Second is to secure the main road north to Pancorbo.   This is the main road from France to Madrid, and is also the main supply route for all French forces in western Spain.

Each day supplies move south along the road, and spend the night at Burgos.   They are scheduled to arrive not later than 1800.   By 2000 it is clear to the commander of the garrison that something is wrong.

It is likely that a Spanish guerrilla band has attacked the convoy, or perhaps has even occupied one of the villages along the road.  

The French commander must decide whether to march north to secure the road, or perhaps wait and see what happens.   Within the walls of Burgos castle he is secure.   Outside the town he is open to ambush or even defeat in open battle.   If he were to suffer a defeat the consequences for the whole French army would be severe.   A difficult decision for the French brigadier.

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