Monday, November 12, 2012

Campaign Move 4

1200 20th August 1813

A brigade of British heavy dragoons are sent to recce Palencia.

As they approach the town a brigade of French dragoons leave the town, deploy into line and advance to engage them.  The British follow suit, and a skirmish is fought just west of Palencia.

Both sides are similar in numbers, but the French are better trained than the English cavalry.

The French have a melee advantage of plus 1.  They roll 2D6 for a total of 8.  This brings their combat total to 9.

If the French had been on Attack orders they would have lost 10% casualties, but inflicted 20% casualties on the British, who would have retreated Shaken.

But they were on Engage orders.  Neither side lost any casualties, but the British did retreat Shaken.

The British cavalry retired to their supporting division without completing their recce and unable to report on the French strength or deployment.

The French cavalry were able to observe the British at close quarters.  They then returned to their division and reported the strength and deployment of the enemy.

The melee was fought using Wargame Rule 14

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