Thursday, October 18, 2012

1813 Campaign Diary – Part 5 - Valladolid

12 to 22 July 1813

 West Spain 12 July 1813

This is the fifth phase of the 1813 campaign
It covers the period 12 July to 22 July1813 and the fighting in western Spain between Fifth French army and the Anglo-Portuguese army
It was fought during the period October to December 2010
Corps deployment at start of campaign

Summary of the Campaign

Napoleon had ordered most of his best troops out of Spain to built his new Grande Armee in northern Europe.   He then appointed Soult to organise the remainder to hold north west Spain.
Wellington has ordered the capture of Vallalodid as the first step in his offensive to drive the French out of Spain
After a short campaign he forced Soult to fall back to Burgos
A convincing victory for Wellington

Battles fought during campaign
Campaign History
12 July                        Start of campaign
17 July                        Battle of Duenas                     French victory
18 July                        Battle of Valladolid                British victory
22 July                        Battle of Baltanas                   British victory                       

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