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1813 Campaign Diary – Part 6 - Hanover

23 July to 6 August 1813

North Germany 23 July 1813


This is the sixth phase of the 1813 campaign
It covers the period 23 July to 6 August 1813 and the fighting northern Germany between Second French army and the Prussian army
It was fought during the period March to November 2011
 Corps deployment at start of campaign
Summary of the Campaign
Davout had deployed his four corps to cover the approach to Hanover, and to secure his communications with Hamburg in the north and Halle in the south.
Blucher had taken Magdeburg in the first phase of the 1813 campaign and established his four corps on the left bank of the river Elbe.   Having rested his army he was now ready to advance west and capture Hanover.
Davout advanced to drive the Prussians back over the river Elbe, but was in turn forced to retire and eventually abandon Hanover and retreat to Hamburg.
The campaign was another convincing victory for Blucher.

 Battles fought during campaign
Campaign History
23 July                        Start of campaign
24 July                        Battle of Uelzen                     Prussian victory
25 July                        Battle of Steinhorst                French victory
26 July                        Battle of Wolfsburg               French victory           
27 July                        Second Uelzen                      French victory
29 July                        Battle of Helmstedt                Prussian victory
30 July                        Battle of Rosche                     Prussian victory
30 July                        Second Wolfsburg                  French victory
1 August                     Second Helmstedt                  Prussian victory
4 August                     Battle of Peine Day One         Prussian victory
5 August                     Battle of Peine Day Two        Prussian victory
6 August                     End of campaign 
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