Thursday, October 18, 2012

1813 Campaign Diary – Part 4 - Passau

12 to 22 June 1813
 Southern Germany 12 June 1813

This is the fourth phase of the 1813 campaign
It covers the period 12 June to 22 June 1813 and the fighting in southern Germany between Third French army and the Austrian army
It was fought during the period March to July 2010
Corps deployment at start of campaign

Summary of the Campaign
Napoleon is not expecting any trouble with the Austrians.
He has sent Oudinot to Munich to take command of the Bavarian and Baden armies. The Austrian advance down the Danube valley comes as a complete surprise to Oudinot.
After an initial success the Austrians are defeated.
Battles fought during campaign

Campaign History
12 June            Start of campaign
16 June            Battle of Mattsee                    Austrian victory
17 June            Battle of Altheim                   Austrian victory
19 June            Battle of Branau                     Austrian victory
20 June            Battle of Salzburg                  French victory
21 June            Battle of Reishach                  French victory

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