Friday, March 15, 2013

Campaign Move 39

2000 31st August 1813

1st Allied corps surrender at Pancorbo

General Cole has ordered 1st Spanish division to hold Pancorbo.
His 2nd British division are recovering nearby
They have suffered heavy casualties and are not operational

Marshal Soult has ordered three divisions to attack the Spanish at Pancorbo
Two of the three have suffered casualties, but they have been reorganised

Cole orders the Spanish division to abandon Pancorbo and withdraw west
He orders his British division to advance to cover the Spanish withdrawal

The two northern French divisions advance to pin both the British and Spanish
Cole is unaware of the approach of the Westphalian division from Burgos

The allied cavalry attempt to delay the French advance, but lose the melee and rout
Three of the British infantry brigades have heavy casualties, break and join the rout

The Spanish division come under attack as they attempt to move west of Pancorbo

It is clear to Cole that any further resistance will result in the destruction of his corps
The loss of his cavalry mean that his British division are at the mercy of the French cavalry

He orders his corps to surrender.

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