Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Campaign Move 38

1600 31st August 1813

Where are the French?

Cole has taken Aranda, but without opposition or contact with the French.  Clearly they have marched north towards Burgos, but he had no idea exactly where or even how strong.

To the north west Graham is resting his corps at Castrillo.   Both of his divisions have suffered heavy battle casualties, and will not be fully battle ready for at least another two days.   They have also lost contact with the French.

Graham can hear the south of battle from the north, and is aware that a battle is being fought at Pancorbo.  But he has no information about the composition of the French forces there.

Wellington has arrived at Castrillo and demanded reports from both Graham and Cole.   He is also aware of the fighting at Pancorbo.   He senses that he must attack Burgos before the French can recover from the allied run of victories.  However he dare not order an attack until he has determined the readiness of both of his corps, and some idea of the strength of the enemy forces facing them.

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