Saturday, February 16, 2013

Campaign Move 30

2000 28th August 1813

General Villante has won a convincing victory just west of Burgos

He had deployed 7th French corps in a strong defensive position commanding the approach to the city.

General Graham attacked him at first light.

His brigades had to advance through difficult terrain to approach the French position, and in doing so suffered artillery casualties.

The leading infantry brigade of 2nd British division took light casualties as they deployed to attack.   They failed their morale and routed, taking a second brigade and the gunners with them.   Packenham managed to rally the gunners, and they returned to the guns.   However by then the battle was lost and they were fortunate to retreat with the guns.

1st Spanish division fought a much better battle.   Their cavalry defeated the French chasseurs, and dominated the left flank.   They forced the nearest infantry brigade to form square to protect their artillery.

Despite the poor performance of the British division, General Espana led his infantry forward and engaged the French infantry.   Though brave his infantry were poorly trained, and no match for the veteran Frenchmen.   The leading brigade lost their skirmish battle and routed.   The panic quickly spread to nearby brigades and three of the four brigades joined the rout.

General Villante was quick to take advantage of the allied discomfort, and ordered his corps to advance and complete the rout.  

It was obvious to General Graham that further resistance was pointless, and he ordered his corps to retreat towards Castillo.

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