Friday, December 14, 2012

Campaign Move 18

2000 24th August 1813

By the end of the sixth day of the campaign, and after considerable movement and fighting, both sides are feeling the effects of attrition.

Many divisions are short of supplies, or even completely out of supply.

Some allied divisions have moved beyond reach of their supply depot.  In their determination to attack the French they have failed to establish new supply depots as they advance, and are now suffering the consequences.  This is particularly so for the Spanish divisions, who started the campaign with their depots well to the rear.

The French are suffering from having to retreat, and thus abandon their depots.   Those divisions who have been defeated do not have the luxury of resupplying when it suits them.   In many cases they have to avoid contact with the enemy until they have broken contact and found a safe area to regroup and resupply.

It is now a race to regroup and become operational again before being forced to fight another battle.

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