Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Campaign Move 14

1600  23rd August 1813

6th French corps have been in retreat since the previous evening when they lost the battle of Aguillar, with16th Italian division form the rearguard.

1st British division occupied Aguillar after the battle, and at first light sent the hussar brigade to determine where the French are and what are their intentions.

Just after midday the hussars caught up with the rearguard.   The Westphalian commander ordered his cavalry brigade to engage the hussars and a skirmish took place west of Aguillar on the Pancorbo road.
The hussars were no match for the German horsemen, and after a brief and bloodless clash turned tail and returned to Aguillar. 

This allowed General Leval to break contact with 1st allied corps and continue his retreat towards Pancorbo without any further interference.

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