Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Campaign Move 8

1600 21st August 1813

There has been a lot of guerrilla activity over the past 24 hours.   The map shows the location of French garrisons and guerrilla activity.

The main road between Burgos and Pancorbo has been cut for two days.   As a result no supplies have reached any depots south or west of Burgos during that time.

The garrison commander at Burgos is responsible for the road to Pancorbo, but has not yet taken any action to investigate the cause of the problem, let alone solve it.

The break in supplies has not yet affected any of the fighting divisions.   Each depot holds sufficient supplies for one corps for six days.   But when these supplies are issued to the divisions they will not be replaced until the supply chain is working again.  And even then it will take time for the stocks to be replenished.

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