Saturday, March 23, 2013

Campaign Move 41

1600 1st September 1813

General Cole commanded the best of the three allied corps.

3rd corps had two British divisions, including the famous Light Division.  

Cole had expected to have to fight to take Aranda, however as he approached 8th French corps had abandoned the city and retreated north towards Burgos.  He had marched north in pursuit for 24 hours and then halted to establish a new supply depot and rest his divisions.

Cole was aware that the French had concentrated at Burgos, but he was unaware that one of the four enemy divisions had marched north to take part in the battle of Pancorbo.

He was also unaware of the outcome of that battle.

Furthermore he had very little contact with 2nd corps at Castillo.

By taking Aranda he had achieved the objective set him by Wellington and was awaiting new orders.

On the night of 31st August 1813 General Cole had the opportunity to attack Burgos.   If supported by 2nd corps he had a good chance of taking the city and forcing the French to retreat north towards Bayonne.  

Instead of attacking he ordered his corps to rest and resupply.

Before nightfall he received confirmation from Wellington that he had made the right decision.

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