Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Campaign Move 25

1200 27th August 1813

Leval has deployed his corps just east of Pancorbo to defend the vital military road from Burgos to Bayonne. 

Both of his divisions are short of one infantry brigade.   He has ordered 11th brigade to garrison Pancorbo, and a second brigade is non operational due to battle casualties.   Both of his cavalry brigades have been detached to recce towards Aguillar.

Hill is aware of the French deployment.   He has spent three days recovering from the battle of Aguillar, where he defeated Leval.   He is determined to follow up his earlier victory and take Pancorbo.  If he can do so he will have severed the French main communications with France.

His has opted to attack with one division behind the other.   This will mean that 1st British division will have to advance against two French divisions on their own.   It will be mid morning before 2nd Spanish division will reach the field of battle.

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