Friday, November 30, 2012

Campaign Move 12

2000 22ndAugust 1813

The 7th French corps have concentrated at Castillo to defend the approach to Burgos.

General Villante has opted to hold the town with his 6th division, and keep his 14th division in reserve and out of sight.

Two days earlier 2nd British division had arrived in front of Castillo and deployed on the Mayorga road.   After an ineffective cavalry recce they then moved south, leaving the road open and undefended.   At this stage 1st Spanish division was still a full days march west at Mayorga.

General Graham, commander of 2nd Allied corps, had ordered 1st Spanish division to join him west of Castrillo.   But before they arrived he ordered 2nd British division to attack into the empty area south of Castrillo.

Villante had anticipated such a move, and had ordered his 14th division to move south into I07 to counter it.

Under orders to attack two French divisions without any support,  Packenham halted his 2nd division and requested further orders from Graham.   Fortunately the two French divisions were on Hold orders and did not move to attack the isolated British division.

As night falls 2nd British division are in a very exposed position, but fortunately 1st Spanish division have at last arrived to support them.

It will be interesting to see whether Graham can turn this unusual deployment to his eventual advantage.

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