Thursday, October 18, 2012

Introduction to the Burgos Campaign

Map of Spain

The campaign is set in north west Spain.
The large white outline is the strategic area
The smaller white outline is the tactical area.

 Strategic Map

This map shows the strategic area in more detail
The while outline is the tactical area
It is divided into three, one for each corps operational area
There are three French and three Allied corps in the campaign
Each corps is confined to its operational area
It can only move into an adjacent area when ordered by the CinC
This map is used for movement outside the tactical area

Tactical Map

This map shows the southern operational area
This map will be used by the two southern commanders
All combat is confined to the operational area

Campaign Diary Map

This map will be used for the campaign diary
It covers the same area as the strategic and tactical maps
Information on the campaign diary is available to all players
Therefore the map shows approximate locations only
The movement grid has also been removed

Campaign Background
This is the fourth campaign in Spain
It is the second campaign in the north west.
The previous campaign covered Wellington’s capture of Valladolid
He has now regrouped his army and is ready to advance on Burgos
He has four British and two Spanish divisions

Soult has dispersed his army to cover all options
His first priority is to hold the city of Burgos
He must also protect the northern ports and the road to Bayonne
There is a lot of guerrilla activity throughout his area of operations
He has one Westphalian, two Polish and three French divisions.

Campaign Notes
Corps commanders have more freedom than in previous campaigns
There will much less control by CinC
Each area of operations is much larger than before.
It will not be possible to cover the whole area with the troops available
Command and Control will be much more difficult
There will be less need for cooperation with adjacent commanders.

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