Thursday, October 18, 2012

1813 Campaign Diary – Part 2 - Tarragona

14 May to 7 June 1813
Eastern Spain 14 May 1813

This is the second phase of the 1813 campaign
It covers the period 14 May to 7 June 1813 and the fighting in eastern Spain between Fourth French army and the Spanish army
It was fought during the period July to August 2009
Corps deployment at start of campaign
Summary of the Campaign
Wellington has been appointed commander of all allied armies.  He had decided that the main campaign will be in western Spain, but he has ordered the Spanish army in eastern Spain to take the city of Tarragona in order to prevent Suchet from sending any reinforcements to Soult in western Spain
Suchet has three corps deployed along the coastal area from Gerona to Tarragona
Copons commands the four Spanish corps tasked to occupy Suchet.  He captures Tortosa to lure the French into the mountains inland.   He then attempts to take Tarragona, but fails to do so.  Suchet concentrates his three corps at Tarragona and they drive Copons south.
The Spanish achieve their objective of preventing Suchet from sending reinforcements to Soult. 
Battles fought during campaign
Campaign History
14 May            Start of campaign
20 May            Battle of Reus                         Spanish victory
24 May            Battle of Prades                      French victory
26 May            First battle of Cambrils          French victory
28 May            Second battle of Cambrils      French victory
7 June              End of campaign                    
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